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SevaChild International is a non-religious, non-sectarian, and non-political 501c(3) organization with its home office in Los Angeles, California. Our Indian affiliate, SevaChild (India) is based in Bangalore with offices in Delhi and Hyderabad.

child aid SevaChild in India
SevaChild is India's first nationwide association created specifically for child aid organizations. We have 48 accredited members located in 11 of India's 28 states and a combined reach to over 100,000 children.

Saving Children's lives in India
Since 2011 we have been administering vaccine-like micronutrients to children in India to protect them from a devastating disease. Without these micronutrients, thousands of untreated children are left physically and mentally impaired, blind and many will perish needlessly each year. Through our partnership with Vitamin Angels and SevaChild's distribution network of NGO's, we have over 98,000 children registered in our Vitamin A program so far for 2014.

Transforming education in Rural India

Our Challenge
Today’s education in the rural villages of India does not give children enough of the practical knowledge and tools needed to improve their lives, nor does it help to expand their intellectual horizons. Moreover, the current school curriculum does not incorporate ideals for creating village sustainability and prosperity.

Our Solution
Initiate educational programs that teach updated models based on Montessori principles, and disseminate information on modern technology and the ecological practices of permaculture and environmental awareness, in order to foster sustainability and prosperity while preserving valuable Indian traditions and culture.

SevaChild is presently conducting needs assessments and feasibility studies for the development of a pilot learning program that will incorporate these principals, technology and practices.

Call to action

Join SevaChild and our international partners as we combine efforts to protect children from disease and improve the quality of education for children at the bottom of the world's socioeconomic ladder in India.

Your tax-exempt contributions will bring compassion and opportunity into the lives of thousands of innocent children in need. Donate

"The power of global empathy with the heart and ingenuity of child aid organizations can break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and disease in India.”
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